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Look of the Day – LEO

Leo fake fur – Bik Bok, New Vest – Weekday, New shirt J.W Anderson for Topshop, Shoes Nelly, New sunnies Urban Outfitters
fredag 1 mar 2013 kl 17:48 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in

Look of the Day

Hat H&M/Fake Collar Front Row Shop/Dress Weekday/Belt Vintage/Coat Cheap Monday/Jeans Replay/Shoes Cheap Monday/Bag DKNY Hej alla fina, jag vill redan nu informera er om att inom snar framtid kommer min blogg här på Carolines World tas bort. Jättetråkigt jag vet.. Vart jag hamnar härnäst är fortfarande lite hemligt men har stora planer and i bet youx27re gonna like it! ;-) – Hi cuties! I want to inform you that my blog no longer going to exist, ...
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tisdag 19 feb 2013 kl 16:56 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013

Look of the Day

New hat H&M/New fake collar Front Row Shop/T-shirt H&M/New fake fur jacket Front Row Shop/New trousers vintage/coat Cos/shoes Ebay
lördag 16 feb 2013 kl 21:00 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in


Well yes itx27s freeezzziing. This is what i look like these days... Ix27ve got like five layers under the coat. Tooooo cold to take it off but I managed to get at least one picture without it and the hoodie I wore haha. Coming up tomorrow! Coat from H&M and fluffy snood from Ginatricot!
söndag 20 jan 2013 kl 16:31 | Me | me outfit cold winter green coat buffalos


We had sun yesterdaaay wuuu I was able to wear my new Ray Bans!
söndag 20 jan 2013 kl 12:36 | Me | me sun ray ban sunglasses winter

Look of the Day

Hat Asos, Earrings Gina Tricot, Turtleneck Weekday, Coat Cheap Monday, Skirt Ebay, Shoes Acne, Bag DKNY
torsdag 10 jan 2013 kl 20:30 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 hat

Look of the Day

New hairy jacket Weekday/Belt Weekday 2hand/Trousers made by me/Bag Decadent/Shoes Dr Martens Do you like this look? :)
tisdag 8 jan 2013 kl 19:00 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in

Look of the Day – leather skater skirt

Goat fur Ebay/new turtleneck Monki/skater leather skirt Ebay/boots Acne Hej alla fina läsare, har inte blivit så mycket skrivande här på sistone men kul att ni kikar in ändå! I julklapp fick jag bland annat ett nytt objektiv (Canon EF 50/1:1.8 II) som jag testade idag, är så jäkla nöjd och det blir
torsdag 3 jan 2013 kl 18:59 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in

Look of 130102

New jacket Beyond Retro/top Cos/sweater Cos/new trousers H&M/new shoes Zara/Bag DKNY
onsdag 2 jan 2013 kl 17:10 | Other | look of the day outfit winter 2013 new in

Christmas Outfit

Today I am wearing a new little skater leather skirt from Ebay with high boots from Acne, a turtleneck and a red vintage top. Merry Christmas!
måndag 24 dec 2012 kl 15:47 | Other | look of the day outfit winter christmas

Look of the Day – Beige & Blue

Såhär såg jag ut idag! – This is what I looked like today!
onsdag 19 dec 2012 kl 23:00 | Other | look of the day outfit winter


Allt är second hand, förutom jackan som är från weekday. _ Everything is vintage, except the jacket which is from weekday.
onsdag 19 dec 2012 kl 22:12 | Outfit | Outfit Weekday Winter Me

LÖRDAG 18:01

Boots Sorel / NEW jeans Levis / NEW blouse H&M trend / coat Monki / NEW beanie Marc Jacobs / bag Åhléns. Vaknade av att det droppade på fönsterrutan i morse. Tittade ut genom fönstret och insåg att det blivit plusgrader, regn och tö. Usch så trist. Jag vill ju ha en vit jul! Mötte hur som helst upp Joakim som varit duktig och spinnat på morgonen och så gick vi till St Jakobs för att köpa lite frallor. Efter det gjorde vi väldigt god frukost hä...
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lördag 15 dec 2012 kl 18:02 | Outfits | outfit winter our days

Look of the Day

Hat Asos/Earrings Gina Tricot/Turtleneck Twilfit/Peplum belt Asos/Skirt Vintage/Coat Carin Wester/Shoes Vagabond/Bag DKNY
onsdag 12 dec 2012 kl 15:38 | Other | look of the day outfit winter

Look of the Day

New Acne pants/New polo neck Weekday/New transparent hoodie vintage/Jacket old/Bag Decadent/Shoes Vagabond/Grey top Vintage
torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 19:10 | Other | look of the day outfit winter


Firstly, of course I wore a jacket on top. Secondly, yes I was just as cold as my red rudolph nose shows. Pants from Zara, top from Forever 21, vintage boots and Celine tote.
onsdag 8 feb 2012 kl 08:39 | outfits/looks | outfit look of the day what i wore winter


So Ix27ve finally ordered something from Romwe! I fell in love with this jacket!! I hope hope hope it fits me as good as I imagine!
söndag 30 okt 2011 kl 19:47 | Fashion | jacket winter red


1. Cheap Monday 2. Topshop 3. Topshop 4. Topshop 5. Zara 6. Topshop 7. Topshop 8. COS 9. Topshop 10. Zara 11. Topshop 12. Topshop Kappan - tveklöst snyggaste höstplagget ! The coat - doubtlessly the hottest fall piece !
fredag 7 okt 2011 kl 22:13 | EVERYDAY LIFE | coat winter Topshop Cos Cheap Monday Zara


This fall I am so extremely inspired by menx27s shirts, tailored suits and pants, loafers etc. Today Ix27ve almost full and completely adopted this outfit. Too bad the weather is so rainy and boring.. Umbrellas mess up any outfit.
tisdag 6 sep 2011 kl 17:29 | EVERYDAY LIFE | suit men's fashion outfit fall winter


At the moment Ix27m very much into matching leather bracelets, multiple sometimes, together with my Michael Kors watch. My classical match though is with my Dagmar leather piece only and nothing on the other wrist. Ix27m in love with this combo right now and will be holding on to this new crush of m
måndag 5 sep 2011 kl 21:17 | EVERYDAY LIFE | watch Dagmar accessories Michael Kors fall winter


Call me a psycho or just call me the owner of this stunning Burberry Prorsum A/W 2011 coat, x27cus I just canx27t stop longing for fall right now. Canx27t wait to wear this baby ! Itx27s beyond stunning.. I say it looks like a piece of art. Someone pinch me !
torsdag 30 jun 2011 kl 14:28 | EVERYDAY LIFE | A/W shopping Burberry coat fall winter


I looked at and found some pictures at H&Ms Fall/Winter, I hate to say it, but Ix27m looking forward to be wearing that green scarf. I want it now!
lördag 21 maj 2011 kl 18:36 | fashion | Scarf H&M Winter

Gareth Pugh A/W 11

I know autumn and winter is very far away right now....but I canx27t help being amazed by Gareth Pughx27s A/W11 collection. Above is just a few of my favourites!
tisdag 17 maj 2011 kl 12:05 | Fashion | Gareth Pugh Autumn Winter 2011

In a different life One of the first video blogs I ever made...!

Under hösten/vintern 2009 hade jag en egen online TV-kanal på en sida som heter SöderTV... Postade nästan 100 videoklipp där!! Här är ett av dom första :) ENGLISH! During the autumn/winter 2009 I used to have a own TV-channel at a site called SöderTV... I posted almost 100 video clips there!! Here is one of the first ones :) Follow me on Facebook - Twitter - Blog lovinx27 - Lookbook - Shop online at emmaoclothing....
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söndag 27 feb 2011 kl 21:00 | Video blogs | video blogs stockholm back home music winter

editorial V #68 Winter 2010

Dagens inspiration Asos for V #68 Winter 2010! Todayx27s inspiration is Asos for V #68 Winter 2010!
måndag 21 feb 2011 kl 13:24 | Inspiration | Editorial V #68 Winter 2010

editorial Muse Winter 2010

Ville passa på att önska alla fina läsare en riktigt God Jul. Dagens inspiration står väl egentligen Tomten för, men Muse och Magdalena Frackowiak funkar minst lika bra! Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers. Hope all of you guys will have the best Christmas ever.
fredag 24 dec 2010 kl 11:19 | Inspiration | Magdalena Frackowiak Muse Winter 2010

editorial Muse Winter 2010

Dagens inspiration kommer från Muse. Stickat, skinn, rött, svart och beige. Todayx27s inspiration by Muse. Knitwear, leather, red, black and beige.
måndag 13 dec 2010 kl 13:17 | Inspiration | Editorial Edita Vilkeviciute Muse Winter 2010

editorial Audreay Winter 10-11

Dagens inspiration. Todayx27s inspiration.
söndag 5 dec 2010 kl 11:20 | Inspiration | Editorial Cover Audreay Winter 10-11
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