Awhile back i got new glasses, finally, after 4 years with my Paul Smith. I got these from Favoptic- super fast delivery and so smart that you can upload your photo and try on different glasses digitally.
onsdag 5 nov 2014 kl 11:42 | best of budget | new in glasses favoptic

the caribbean

In a little less than 2 months, my dude and I as well as a couple of friends are flying to Barbados, and from there planning to boat hop around the Grenadines up to St. Vincent. You guys are always so good when it comes to travel tips- so reaching out to you here again! Anyone who has any experience from the Grenadines- what Islands should I not miss along the chain up to St Vincent? Restuarants? Excurssions? Beaches? Suggestions on Barbados ...
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Last weekend when the super awesome Amanda and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Too bad this weekend offered sucky weather but Ix27ve been to Guggenheim, Rudd and Daughters, Uniqlo, Laduree, Pepe Rosso Social, Waverly Inn and Century 21 so I am happy. And now I am off to Sunday Dinner at Café Select and after I will make a stop at Whole Foodx27s - heavenx27s grocery market which I will to the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a good weekend as...
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måndag 3 nov 2014 kl 00:42 | Other | new york brooklyn brooklyn bridge black white manhattan

creative headz

Last week I went to my new hairdresser for the second time and let her work her magic! Ix27m quite picky about my hair and hardly ever have it dyed or cut- but I let Nathalie decide what to do. We put in a darker color in the roots- ridding my hair of those red and light tones, and cut up and layered the front which frame my face. I have quite frizzy hair naturally - you should see me in a humid climate- and have thought about getting a brazili...
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söndag 2 nov 2014 kl 16:37 | allure/beauty | hair beauty allure color cut creative headz


First- Happy Halloween!! Wearing sneakers from Zara, Jeans from Lindex, and my favorit secondhand piece- this fur that I got at a flea market in Berlin last year. For those of you whom follow me on instragram youx27ll have seen that I was at the hairdressers yesterday for a complete fix up,
fredag 31 okt 2014 kl 08:32 | outfits/looks | outfit what i wore look of the day inspiration


torsdag 30 okt 2014 kl 23:55 | Other |

Toby's Estate

In Williamsburg we found the perfect place to drink coffee. I had a dubble espresso - Bedford blend and it was the best espresso Ix27ve ever had. Crazy! And since it was so hot outside and the sun was shining we sat outside for an hour to enjoy the Brooklyn silence. Tobyx27s Estate on Bedford Ave
onsdag 29 okt 2014 kl 20:11 | Other | toby's estate williamsburg brooklyn coffee

The Smile

Had a nice breakfast at The Smile the other day.
onsdag 29 okt 2014 kl 03:53 | Other | the smile nyc new york breakfast manhattan


Wearing H&M leather pants, & other stories shirt, zara boots and coat and gold hoops.
tisdag 28 okt 2014 kl 17:34 | outfits/looks | Outfit what i wore look of the day

Saturday in Williamsburg

Had the most awesome Saturday in Williamsburg yesterday with Amanda. First we went for breakfast at The Smile (Manhattan), then we took the subway to Brooklyn Bridge and walked over to Brooklyn. We went to Williamsburg where we spend the rest of our day. We bought apples at a market, walked on Bedford Ave, watched a baseboll game in a park, took a look at Manhattan on the other side of the water, had the best coffee ever, ate pain au chocolat...
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söndag 26 okt 2014 kl 13:47 | Other | williamsburg brooklyn new york saturday weekend

TEA 09:42

Ni som följt mig länge vet ju att jag varit en riktigt sucker för Kusmis teer. Så jag gick in på tehusets hemsida - som ju ligger i Lund och som jag handlade mycket ifrån när jag bodde där - för att beställa ett par burkar men så fastnade jag för en massa andra teer istället. Klickade hem några som jag druckit sedan tidigare och några som lät goda, och häromdagen kom alla! Jag hällde över de i mina gamla Kusmiburkar och skrev små lappar som jag ...
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söndag 26 okt 2014 kl 09:20 | Uncategorized | te tea

Breakfast at Delicatessen

Amanda and I went to eat breakfast at Delicatessen, on Prince and Lafayette, the other day! It was nice but I had bigger expectations... Got the smallest yoghurt and a few fresh berries. Still good though.
söndag 26 okt 2014 kl 03:43 | Other | delicatessen new york manhattan nolita breakfast granola


Wearing zara coat and shoes, hunkydory jeans, Caroline Blomst tee and belt, and a balenciaga tote.
torsdag 23 okt 2014 kl 22:43 | outfits/looks | Outfit look of the day what I wore inspiration


Ix27ll admit, It was almost on the verge of being too cold to wear heels out yesterday, but luckily I spent most of my day in doors. And I Love the mix of a long coat with heels. Heels and coat from Zara, Balenciaga Bag. Photo: Madelene Billman
torsdag 23 okt 2014 kl 08:32 | outfits/looks | outfit details inspiration look of the day

East Beach, VA

Denna helgen åkte jag ner till min bror, Annie och Dagmar i Virginia igen. Beatrice, som är au pair på Long Island följde med. Vi var i East Beach igen, området som ser ut som Visteria Lane, där de ska flytta in om två veckor. Så himla fint och det var sååå varmt. Vi åkte till Taste och åt gödiga mackor till lunch. Till middag åt vi mexikanskt. This weekend Beatrice and I went to my brother, Annie and Dagmar in Virginia again. We walked around...
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torsdag 23 okt 2014 kl 02:37 | Other | east beach USA virginia norfolk food weekend


This week and next Ix27m in the TV studio filming the music show Så Ska Det Låta. This is My 5th year styling this show- so itx27s like a little love child to me. Intense and long days but spent with some of my favorites. This season (which is the 20th) will air come january.
onsdag 22 okt 2014 kl 09:57 | styling jobs/photoshoots | Styling Work SVT så ska det låta

Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar

On Mott St, between Grand and Broome, Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar is located and I use to go there some mornings a week to buy the nicest chai latte ever, or just an americano.


Some tuesday favorites- Chanel compact powder, Lucas Paw Paw ointment for dry lips, Elle literature, gift wrapping and a rose from my hubby.
tisdag 21 okt 2014 kl 13:57 | inspiration |


Pukka detox tea, Lx27occtaine hair mask, Chanel nailpolish, Moroccan Oil, watch from Ur & Penn, Prada makeup case, body butter from Bliss.
måndag 20 okt 2014 kl 15:35 | lifestyle | interior inspiration still life bliss pukka prada

Jack's wife Freda

Went for lunch on Lafayette/Spring at Jackx27s wife Freda! I met up with Amanda at 9am when they opened so I would make it before I went off for duty.. I had a green shakshuka which was amazing, and one americano ofc. Amanda had the rosewater waffle I think. It was the perfect start on a windy and
måndag 20 okt 2014 kl 02:38 | Other | jack's wife freda new york manhattan coffee breakfast

Lights, camera, action!

Today I stepped a little outside my comfort zone and in front of the camera. Reversed roles! Amazing make up artist Linda made me up pretty! The result of todayx27s shoot I may share with you guys a little in a couple of months! Now Saturday pizza, perhaps a glass of wine, and then early bed time! T


Kaffe / Dricka kaffe i fönstret en regnig eftermiddag / Gulasch på botaniska paviljongen / Skogspromenad / Söndagsfrukost / Fredagsbubbel med dessa fina / Outfit / Nya handskar / Löptur. FÖLJ MIG PÅ INSTAGRAM @TASTEBYME =) _____ Coffee / Having coffee in the window this rainy afternoon / Yummy food in the botanical garden / A sunday walk in the forrest / Sunday breakfast / Friday bubbly with these lovely ones / Outfit / New gloves / Running....
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torsdag 16 okt 2014 kl 18:10 | Uncategorized | instaweek instagram followme

Breakfast at Gitane

Yesterday I met up with Amanda at Café Gitane in Nolita for breakfast. Love that place. I had an avocado toast and two americanos. At 10 ox27clock I went of to work. Perfect start of the day!

Lunch break in SoHo

Today on my lunch break I walked on Grand and Mercer through SoHo to buy lunch at Gourmet Garage. I bought sushi, Philadelphia roll, and walked back on Wooster and Broome. Managed to snap some shots with my camera. I never get tired of the buildings here. Always look up dudes.
onsdag 15 okt 2014 kl 02:35 | Other | manhattan soho new york photography buildings

Press week

This week is press week in Stockholm which means that all the pr agencyx27s show the spring/summer collections for the brands they represent/market/manage pr for. Usually this time of year Ix27m right up in tv productions and donx27t have the time to visit, take a closer look and admire the pieces we see on the runways August. But this season the TV production I work on this time of year starts a week later so Ix27ve had the perfect day, taking ...
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tisdag 14 okt 2014 kl 19:50 | inspiration | Work inspiration ss15 press week


Godkväll fina ni! När jag fyllde år fick jag en så fin bukett vita rosor av min kompis Frida. Men nu, två veckor senare började ganska många ge med sig. Istället för att slänga hela buketten då så brukar jag korta av de som fortfarande är fina och sätta ihop de i mindre vaser och sprida ut lite här och var! Jag sätter de i små vaser eller gamla glasburkar som jag sparat. Det får bli denna måndagens tips! :) Sov sött! _____ Good evening! I g...
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måndag 13 okt 2014 kl 21:20 | Apartment | flowers roses tip

Staten Island Ferry

Such a nice trip!
måndag 13 okt 2014 kl 18:47 | Other | staten island ferry statue of liberty manhattan new york

Café Gitane

On Sunday afternoon I met up with Beatrice in Soho and we walked to Café Gitane in Little Italy for a coffee and some food. Best coffee!!! And super cool place.

Schiller's Liquor Bar

After my two hour walk in Central Park I met up with my uncle Martin and Anna and we went for lunch at Schillerx27s Liquor Bar in East Village! Love that place! I had the mac n cheese and felt bad the whole day haha.. Told me it was going to be so good, it was, but I mean itx27s just macaroni

Sunday in Central Park

I woke up early today and took the train to 68th St. By 9:00 am I arrived in Central Park and went for a walk around The Lake. I went to the lower part of Central Park in April, when my mother and I had lunch at the Boat House. But this time here I just never made time to go to Central Park. But, Ix27m happy I finally did. It was soooo amazing. I had nooo idea it was that beautiful. The sun was shining and the lake was still and everything was ...
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måndag 13 okt 2014 kl 03:06 | Other | central park new york manhattan
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