Fler bilder som Alice tagit i fina Soho. Jag älskar verkligen Soho. Tidigare förstod jag inte alls hypen kring området, men, då hade jag bara gått på Broadway och Spring St. Nu när jag bor och jobbar nära Soho är jag där varje dag och har fått en helt annan bild. Jag älskar gator som Howard, Wooster och Crosby som inte allt är lika befolkade och har sjukt snygga byggnader. Jag tycker verkligen verkligen inte om Broadway - så mycket folk och ...
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måndag 24 nov 2014 kl 05:38 | Other | me nyc alice johansson alice johnsson soho manhattan

Breakfat at The Standard Grill

Awesome breakfast at The Standard Grill in Meatpacking District the other morning!!
måndag 24 nov 2014 kl 03:13 | Other | the standard grill meatpacking manhattan nyc bagel


Godmorgon! Efter en spännande jobbvecka med långa dagar har vi haft en lugn och skön helg. Åt kräftor i fredags och promenerade 3 timmar runt Majorna på morgonen igår. På kvällen blev det Rödtjut (en australiensk, mumsig Syrah) och en enormt god middag. Nu: slappa en stund och sedan äta brunch med två fina tjejer. Vi hörs! _____ Hey! After a long but exciting work week wex27ve had a really relaxing weekend so far. Ate seafood last Friday a...
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söndag 23 nov 2014 kl 08:09 | Uncategorized |

in my gym bag

Top from Casall, Tights from Filippa K, vita coco water, Bounce raw energy ball, and headphones from urban ears.
lördag 22 nov 2014 kl 18:23 | lifestyle | Gym Filippa k vita coco training lifestyle

West Village

Grymma grymma Alice som jag hängde med i NYC förra helgen tog massa fina kort på mig! Så himla roligt! Älskar alla hennes bilder! Se mer från Alice här:


I am currently in the swedish countryside with my bestie Sara at her summer house. Spending lazy days taking long walks, picking mushrooms, reading, cooking, afternoon naps, cooking some more and having a sauna before bedtime. My wifi and phone reception are almost non existant so i am also having a
söndag 16 nov 2014 kl 10:52 | lifestyle | Lifestyle vacation break sweden

RINGS 10:07

Hej vänner. Som ni nog vet är jag ett stort fan av tunna ringar, och har ju sedan tidigare ganska många i silver. Men så när jag fyllde år fick jag presentkort hos en guldsmed av Nathali, för att kunna prova ut likadana i guld. Så nu blandar jag silver och guld, både uppe och nere på fingrarna. Så nöjd! Tack N!! _____ Got three beautiful gold rings from Nathali as a birthday gift. I mix them with similar ones in silver. Love it! Thank u N! ...
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söndag 16 nov 2014 kl 10:02 | Uncategorized |

Tiny's Giant

Last weekend Annie, Alice and Beatrice came to Manhattan for a visit. Annie came from Norfolk, Virginia, Alice from Sweden and Beatrice from Seaford, Long Island. We hand av amazing weekend together and ate at so many nice places and did so many fun things. Herex27s photos from a breakfast we had


Tjing! Igår var jag ledig. Sov ut, sprang en mil i skogen, köpte presenter på stan och mötte upp fina Nathali för en kaffe på Liebling. Den lilla rackaren var solbränd och fräsch som bara sjutton efter en bättre utlandssemester. Fuskigt värre. Jag fick iallafall min födelsedagspresent av henne och jag är SÅ nöjd! Skall visa er vad det var senare. Nu: Åka på julmarknad och hänga med 3 av mina favorittjejer hela dagen. _____ Hola! I had a day ...
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torsdag 13 nov 2014 kl 19:00 | Uncategorized |


Tjolahopp tjolahej. Jag får ofta frågor om vad jag använder för produkter till mitt hår och eftersom jag hittat ganska många nya favoriter det senaste (kombinerat med mina gamla älsklingar) tänkte jag visa er vad jag använder: - EVO fabuloso. Detta är en nyansering med kall ton att använda när håret börjar slå åt det där varma hållet som jag inte vill. (inte testat denna än men återkommer!) - Waterclouds silverschampo. Använder jag kanske var 5...
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torsdag 13 nov 2014 kl 18:37 | Beauty | hair products evo waterclouds

Waverly Inn

Late dinner outside at Waverly Inn on Bank St in West Village! So nice being able to eat dinner outside! This was probably the last one this year though.. Such a nice restaurant! Went back this Sunday for brunch and had an omelett! It was amazing.
lördag 8 nov 2014 kl 13:22 | Other | waverly inn new york west village goat cheese salad


Remember this green lace romper I wore in Paris? Well loved that look and when I found this midnight blue one (from Zara as well) I couldnx27t not buy it. Ix27m crazy for everything lace at the moment, and soon I own more jumpsuits/rompers than jeans in my closet.
lördag 8 nov 2014 kl 11:01 | best of budget | new in zara closet in my wardrobe

Russ & Daugthers

On a rainy Saturday Amanda and I went to Russ & Daugthers on Lower East Side to eat their famous bagels with salmon. It was really solo good!
lördag 8 nov 2014 kl 03:01 | Other | russ and daugthers bagel salmon cream cheese new york nyc

Upper EAST Side

Pictures from a sunday Amanda and I spend on the Upper East Side. We started with breakfast at Sarabethx27s. They had the beeest eggs benedict. Then we walked on Madison Ave all the way down to Bergdorf Goodman and had a coffee at BG (top floor). We also made it to a lot of shops... And the day en


With a new hair cut and color comes new haircare products. Exit haircare just moved into my bathroom. So far Ix27ve only tried the shampoo, conditioner and hairmask once (you guys know how seldom I wash my hair) but I must say so far so good, and two thumbs up for the nice packaging, minimalist, w
fredag 7 nov 2014 kl 17:44 | allure/beauty | beauty allure hair haircare exit products


Hej vänner. Förra helgen var jag i Stockholm och roade mig med mamma. Shoppade och åt god mat och bara hade det allmänt mysigt. En riktigt bra helg! Och denna lär bli fin den med. Trevliga grannar på middag idag och sen finbesök i helgen! Underbart! Ska ni göra något skoj? _____ Hey guys. Last weekend I were in Stockholm with mum. We had a great time just shopping, eating yummy food and so on. And Ix27m really looking forward to this weeke...
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fredag 7 nov 2014 kl 17:29 | Outfits |

Fiat Café

Had a great breakfast with Amanda the other day in Little Italy. On Mott St/ Spring St Fiat Café is located which had great eggs benedict! My latest obsession!!!!

Halloween Parade

So much fun seeing the Halloween Parade on 6th Ave on Halloween. My favorite was the guy with the poop-emoji head <3
fredag 7 nov 2014 kl 07:16 | Other | halloween parade new york manhattan


Ix27ve aaaaaalways wanted to try one of these at Ladurée!!! But it wasnx27t even that good. Happy to let it go. Went for the blackcurrant macarons after. Those made me happier!!
fredag 7 nov 2014 kl 03:11 | Other | laduree new york soho manhattan raspberries

take a walk

So woke up to the first snow here in Stockholm today! Also woke up with a sore throat and runny nose so perfect day to work from home, in PJx27s and not the above outfit that I wore last week when the sun was out and streets were clean.
torsdag 6 nov 2014 kl 07:53 | outfits/looks | outfit stockholm what i wore look of the day


Imorgon släpps kollektionen! Har ni spanat in något ni vill ha? _____ The collection will be released tomorrow. Are you going to shop anything?
onsdag 5 nov 2014 kl 18:46 | Inspiration |


Awhile back i got new glasses, finally, after 4 years with my Paul Smith. I got these from Favoptic- super fast delivery and so smart that you can upload your photo and try on different glasses digitally.
onsdag 5 nov 2014 kl 11:42 | best of budget | new in glasses favoptic

the caribbean

In a little less than 2 months, my dude and I as well as a couple of friends are flying to Barbados, and from there planning to boat hop around the Grenadines up to St. Vincent. You guys are always so good when it comes to travel tips- so reaching out to you here again! Anyone who has any experience from the Grenadines- what Islands should I not miss along the chain up to St Vincent? Restuarants? Excurssions? Beaches? Suggestions on Barbados ...
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Last weekend when the super awesome Amanda and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Too bad this weekend offered sucky weather but Ix27ve been to Guggenheim, Rudd and Daughters, Uniqlo, Laduree, Pepe Rosso Social, Waverly Inn and Century 21 so I am happy. And now I am off to Sunday Dinner at Café Select and after I will make a stop at Whole Foodx27s - heavenx27s grocery market which I will to the bottom of my heart. Hope you had a good weekend as...
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måndag 3 nov 2014 kl 00:42 | Other | new york brooklyn brooklyn bridge black white manhattan

creative headz

Last week I went to my new hairdresser for the second time and let her work her magic! Ix27m quite picky about my hair and hardly ever have it dyed or cut- but I let Nathalie decide what to do. We put in a darker color in the roots- ridding my hair of those red and light tones, and cut up and layered the front which frame my face. I have quite frizzy hair naturally - you should see me in a humid climate- and have thought about getting a brazili...
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söndag 2 nov 2014 kl 16:37 | allure/beauty | hair beauty allure color cut creative headz


First- Happy Halloween!! Wearing sneakers from Zara, Jeans from Lindex, and my favorit secondhand piece- this fur that I got at a flea market in Berlin last year. For those of you whom follow me on instragram youx27ll have seen that I was at the hairdressers yesterday for a complete fix up,
fredag 31 okt 2014 kl 08:32 | outfits/looks | outfit what i wore look of the day inspiration


torsdag 30 okt 2014 kl 23:55 | Other |

Toby's Estate

In Williamsburg we found the perfect place to drink coffee. I had a dubble espresso - Bedford blend and it was the best espresso Ix27ve ever had. Crazy! And since it was so hot outside and the sun was shining we sat outside for an hour to enjoy the Brooklyn silence. Tobyx27s Estate on Bedford Ave
onsdag 29 okt 2014 kl 20:11 | Other | toby's estate williamsburg brooklyn coffee

The Smile

Had a nice breakfast at The Smile the other day.
onsdag 29 okt 2014 kl 03:53 | Other | the smile nyc new york breakfast manhattan


Wearing H&M leather pants, & other stories shirt, zara boots and coat and gold hoops.
tisdag 28 okt 2014 kl 17:34 | outfits/looks | Outfit what i wore look of the day
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