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Drove to the sunset with Alz last Sunday. Wearing Dr Martens, Bikbok robe, Acne scarf and Prada sunglasses.
tisdag 1 apr 2014 kl 20:59 | Me | dr martens acne bikbok sunset prada

outfit LEO/STRIPES #2

I donx27t wear any makeup daily - only a moisturizing cream. Thatx27s the reason why Ix27m a bit pale in my skintone at the picture. Wearing what? Jacket, H&M Trend Shirt + earrings, H&M Top, Bik Bok Jeans, Never denim Boots, Acne and bag from Alexander Wang You have seen me wearing a quite similar look before, since I love the way mixing patterns and because I often wear the same clothes from my closet - just in different ways. Anyway, I hope ...
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onsdag 6 feb 2013 kl 16:34 | inspiration | outfit alexanderwang acne neverdenim hm bikbok


Tre saker jag inte tackar nej till denna vecka: Doftljus x22Cotton flowerx22 från Woodwick. Det bästa med dessa? Dom har träveke, och sprakar som en mini-brasa. Just denna är faktiskt påväg hem till mig, härifrån. / Finfin stickad tröja från Bikbok. / Superfin nyckelring från Ordning & reda. _____ I wonx27t say no to these three things this week: Scented candle x22Cotton Flowerx22 from Woodwick. The best thing about these? They have a woodwick...
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måndag 4 feb 2013 kl 06:05 | Inspiration | woodwick bikbok ordning&reda most wanted


Felt for doing a pattern mix again. Maybe because this is my first outfit post in 2013, and I want to get a x22crazyx22 start on the new year? Haha, anyway, Ix27m wearing blazer from H&M Trend, ring + top + shorts from Bik Bok and boots from Isabel Marant. And guys - I ordered a sweater that I have dreamed of for a long time, online last week, and now is it send. Whoo, canx27t wait to get it in my mailbox. Can you guess which sweater I mean? Hint...
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torsdag 3 jan 2013 kl 16:00 | inspiration | outfit hm bikbok isabelmarant


Beautiful sun this weekend. Wearing what? Dress - H&M, necklace - Bik Bok, boots - Acne, sweater - Gina tricot, shirt - Weekday What did you do this weekend? I was at a party on Wednesday and had a great time! ;) xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
måndag 10 dec 2012 kl 10:13 | inspiration | outfit weekday bikbok hm acne ginatricot


Baby, itx27s so cold outside!! But smile and eat peanuttbutter - it helps! Today Ix27m wearing jacket from Zara, boots + my favorite scarf from Acne, leggings from Bik Bok, sweater from H&M Trend and shirt from Levis (vintage) xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
fredag 7 dec 2012 kl 14:57 | inspiration | outfit hm bikbok acne zara

outfit BRR

Brrrr! Youx27re not gonna believe it, but itx27s true!! Itx27s about 20 degrees MINUS in Valdres right now. Resulting that I was pretty cold dressed today in beanie from H&M, necklace from Bik Bok (new) blazer from Nowhere, boots from Dr.Martens, tee from Zara and jeans from Never denim. We can kee
måndag 3 dec 2012 kl 17:31 | inspiration | outfit bikbok neverdenim nowhere zara drmartens shopping


Wearing my new sparkling leggings from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M today. And they are actually very comfortable to wear! I mixed them this time with a college jacket just to x22calm downx22 the party factor on the leggings and make it more casual. Boots, Acne xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
torsdag 29 nov 2012 kl 16:57 | inspiration | outfit maisonmartinmargiela hm acne bikbok


Hello lovers!! Today Ix27m finally wearing an oversized coat. My dad found it in his closet, from GANT. I wear it together with jeans from Never denim, Acne boots, Dressmann scarf, earrings and top from Bik Bok What do you think? xx, Vilde Bjørnødegård
torsdag 22 nov 2012 kl 14:59 | inspiration | outfit vilde dressmann bikbok acne neverdenim

Bootie love

Current favorites !
måndag 19 nov 2012 kl 09:06 | OKWOW | shoes inspiration heels boots HM black Bikbok ginaticot red


One of my favorite fashion magazines, Costume (Norway) has made an amazing collection for Bik Bok. This is my favorite looks from their lookbook. What do you think? The collection will be available November 22. Canx27t wait!
torsdag 15 nov 2012 kl 07:08 | inspiration | fashion news bikbok costume wanted


Hello everyone!! What a beautiful Friday night! Ix27m eating homemade cashew marzipan (pic 2). Yummy!! Yesterday I was at a Halloween-party together with my lovely friends. I posted two pictures from the evening on Instagram (ladyvilde) as you might have seen :-) On Wednesday I wore my new down jacket from Zara Bag from Alexander Wang Boots from Dr.Martens Jeans from Never denim Sweater from Cubus Scarf from Dressmann What do you think? xoxo...
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Itx27s Thursday and Ix27m wearing my brand new scarf that Ix27m already in love with. From Dressmann actually. I was looking at x22the perfect onex22 from Dr.Martens, but I didnx27t find it on any online shop, and in Valdres they doesnx27t have Dr.Martens so .. But I like this one too!! And for only 99 NOK. A Halloween-party is on my schedule for tonight. What are you guys up to? Pants, Never denim Jacket, Bik Bok Boots, Dr. Martens Earrings, ...
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Yesterday I wore: Blazer, Nowhere Boots, Isabel Marant Jeans, Never denim Necklace, Anna Dello Russo x H&M Top, Bik Bok Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers:) xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård

outfit 20121023

Hola chic@s!! So sorry about the lack of updates these past days. So much going on at school at the moment. But here is an outfit post of yesterday: Wearing baseball jacket from Bik Bok Boots, Acne Shorts, H&M Trend Tee, Ramones Earrings, H&M Do you like it? xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
tisdag 23 okt 2012 kl 20:29 | inspiration | outfit hm acne bikbok


Knit Issue 1.3 - / denim Anine Bing / bracelet Mint Sweden / heels Bikbok / bag Céline Skulle verkligen inte ha något emot den här outfiten... _____ Really wouldnx27t mind this outfit!


I finally got these red leo booties the other day. They have the perfect heel - not too short and not too high- I can last a full day running around town in these from morning till late evening, that is the ultimate test for me. Thank you BikBok!
fredag 12 okt 2012 kl 14:34 | allure/beauty | new in shoes boots bikbok


Really like Bikbok these days. Did some shopping there yesterday (also bumped into Madelene!). Here are some of my favourites.
fredag 12 okt 2012 kl 13:44 | Other | inspiration fashion bikbok


Rockin my new denim vest from Bik Bok. Outfit - everything from Bik Bok, haha love my job!!
onsdag 10 okt 2012 kl 21:19 | Other | bikbok outfit


It is many years since I first saw this top at Carolina Engmanx27s blog and totally fall in love. I was looking like crazy in every store nearby Valdres, but didnx27t find it anywhere. Luckily, one early morning, I was looking at and then it was there. I quickly clicked - add to shopping bag. That was a really good day I remember:) If I could, I would wear it every day- I love the pattern and the lenght. You can wear it as a dress, skirt a...
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lördag 29 sep 2012 kl 15:12 | inspiration | outfit vilde hm isabelmarant boots bikbok


Hi everyone! Tomorrow itx27s finally friday!! What are you guys up to? Luckily for me, Ix27m finally getting a hair cut:) Today Ix27m wearing my new angora sweater (that Ix27m already in love with) from Bik Bok Blouse from H&M Trend Jeans from Never denim Boots from Isabel Marant What do you think? xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård // And,, I got the school portrait photo today, and it is absolutely terrible. I used only a little mascara on the image,...
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torsdag 20 sep 2012 kl 16:06 | inspiration | outfit hm bikbok isabelmarant


Me today. Wearing jacket from Jenny Skavlan for Bik Bok, top from Bik Bok, belt from Cos, pants from Urban Outfitters and heels from Bianco. What do you think?:)
måndag 10 sep 2012 kl 21:00 | inspiration | outfit bianco urbanoutfitters bikbok

OUTFIT me today

Today I wore this: Sweater, Cubus Pants, Bik Bok Boots, Acne Rings, H&M xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
torsdag 30 aug 2012 kl 16:25 | inspiration | outfit zebra bikbok acne boots


The sweet lady, Celine took this detail picture of me at OFW, and yesterday I got it in my mailbox. I really like the way she snapped my look. The pants I was wearing are from Bik Bok, tee from H&M, clutch from Céline, bracelet from House of Harlow and boots from Isabel Marant. xoxo, Vilde Bjørnøde


Yesterday my mum and stepfather celebrated their 50-years birthday anniversary. And I was wearing a dress from Bik Bok, ring from YSL, pumps and earrings from H&M. // pic 2: Details and the cake I baked (which tasted veery good, Ix27m proud) What do you think? xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
söndag 26 aug 2012 kl 15:22 | inspiration | outfit vilde bikbok ysl hm


Wearing backpack from Monki, top from Bik Bok and skirt from Acne The heels are from Bianco and the sunnies are RayBan xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
onsdag 1 aug 2012 kl 21:41 | inspiration | outfit hm bikbok monki


Todays outfit in the achipelago. Hat Zara, dress Zara, bracelets Bik Bok, boots Bik Bok.
lördag 28 jul 2012 kl 20:05 | Other | zara bikbok outfit hat boots

red tiger

Whole outfit from Bik Bok and a Zara-bag.
fredag 27 jul 2012 kl 01:02 | Other | tiger outfit bikbok zara


Wearing dress + pocket from Acne, shorts from Bik Bok and boots from Isabel Marant xoxo, Vilde Bjørnødegård
måndag 23 jul 2012 kl 10:00 | inspiration | vilde outfit travel isabelmarant acne bikbok


Wearing new shirt from Weekday, shorts from Bik Bok, dress from Acne and boots from Isabel Marant (also new) Second photo: Tee from Acne, cardigan from Bik Bok, shorts from H&M Trend and sunglasses from H&M Trend I love Stockholm!! All the shopping opportunities (they have everything) Nathalie Schuterman had sale (but I didn´t bought anything. I was just looking and trying on many different heels - fantastic! I also checked out x22Acne Archivex...
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söndag 22 jul 2012 kl 09:15 | inspiration | outfit travel hm isabelmarant bikbok vilde
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