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Just wanted to pop in and Wish you all a happy Valentines! Hope you get to surround yourselfs with laughter, love, happiness together with those who mean the most to you be it a partner, lover, sibling, friend or pet! Ix27m starting my day at the gym with my dude, followed by breakfast, a massage (thanks bub!) and then I have to work, but thatx27s ok since itx27s mostly fun stuff at the moment! And we just spent a super long vacation together,...
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lördag 14 feb 2015 kl 09:17 | lifestyle | Valentines inspiration lifestyle travel


So finally I can share and explain the radio silence that has been here the past 2,5 weeks that I spent in the country side- I finally got my drivers license! After years of anxiety and having this weigh on my shoulders I set my mind to it. Choose to go out of stockholm and was lucky enough to convince one of my closest friends to come with (whom also happens to have a country house there) so we spent two weeks driving, studying, with out a suffi...
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tisdag 2 dec 2014 kl 18:45 | lifestyle | Lifestyle drivers license about me

in my gym bag

Top from Casall, Tights from Filippa K, vita coco water, Bounce raw energy ball, and headphones from urban ears.
lördag 22 nov 2014 kl 18:23 | lifestyle | Gym Filippa k vita coco training lifestyle


I am currently in the swedish countryside with my bestie Sara at her summer house. Spending lazy days taking long walks, picking mushrooms, reading, cooking, afternoon naps, cooking some more and having a sauna before bedtime. My wifi and phone reception are almost non existant so i am also having a
söndag 16 nov 2014 kl 10:52 | lifestyle | Lifestyle vacation break sweden


Pukka detox tea, Lx27occtaine hair mask, Chanel nailpolish, Moroccan Oil, watch from Ur & Penn, Prada makeup case, body butter from Bliss.
måndag 20 okt 2014 kl 15:35 | lifestyle | interior inspiration still life bliss pukka prada


Itx27s friday yax27ll! Just wanted to wish u a great weekend! My weekend plans? A visit to the gym after 3 days of juice cleansing, chia pudding breakfasts (My new fav!), apartment hunting, bread baking and two crazy fun dirty 30 bashes tomorrow night, oh and hopefully a well deserved sleep in on s
fredag 26 sep 2014 kl 20:31 | lifestyle | Lifestyle weekend inspiration


Good evening from Finland! Mini vacation begins now!
fredag 18 jul 2014 kl 22:35 | around the world/travels | Travel Finland lifestyle


I hate to admit it but I am often quite bad at eating lunch, i tend to skip it if Ix27m stuck at the office or production, and if Ix27m running around town pulling clothes Ix27ll eat an apple or nuts on the go. But i do love breakfast! My morning nespresso and hard bread or finn crisp with seasalt butter and mushed avocado on top is ritual. So I got super happy when this delivery made its way to my office the other day- a box full of Finn Crisp...
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fredag 18 jul 2014 kl 08:57 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen


I love when the PR agencyx27s get creative with packaging. When I got back from Hong Kong this box was waiting for me at the office with the latest Jägermeister Spice flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla. I just love the illustration (of yours truely) on the coasters. Definately bring this set out
onsdag 4 jun 2014 kl 12:56 | two thumbs up! | jagermesiter lifestyle packaging design


Today Ix27m on my third day detoxing. Ix27m skipping all dairy, carbs, sugar, caffeine and of course alcohol. Instead Ix27m eating greens, more greens, nuts and a little bit of fruit- and trying to mainly stick to raw- but tonight I think i may have some quinoa. Ix27ve been Drinking plenty of water and herbal teas from Pukka. Itx27s crazy what a headache and how tired you feel when you donx27t get your daily dose of coffee, sunday (my first d...
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tisdag 6 maj 2014 kl 09:00 | lifestyle | lifestyle food detox raw

home delivery

Ok, so this has to be one of the best ideas since well, since home delivery. Ix27m a sucker for a good breakfast, baguettes, different cheeses, yoghurt, granola, eggs benedict, the whole deal- I usually have to try everything at the hotel breakfast buffé. Unfortunately Ix27m usually too stressed in the mornings to prepare ALL of that at home but my morning latte and avocado or turkey sandwiches are my usual standard. So this morning when this ...
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onsdag 26 feb 2014 kl 16:08 | lifestyle | lifestyle home by the bakery


Ix27m back in (a freezing!) Stockholm. The jetlag has really got me bad this time- and from the minute I landed itx27s been time to get straight back into work mode with two new TV Productions, but Ix27m not complaining. I will however complain over the fact that my computer just semi-crashed, and the text Ix27ve spent the majority of this day writing for the new magazine Shape Up disappeared right into thin air without saving. The headache! ...
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söndag 26 jan 2014 kl 16:38 | in my closet | lifestyle work styling new in

Happy Sunday!

Dips in the Pool, swims in the ocean, fresh coconuts, afternoon naps in the hammock, the smell of sunscreen and papaya salads with chicken. That pretty much sums up my sunday plans.
söndag 19 jan 2014 kl 02:55 | lifestyle | lifestyle travel beach sun

hook up

Ix27ve gotten two new hook ups over here. The first is Chuka Wakame or seaweed salad. Nom Nom Nom, I could eat a kilo a day. The second is Bikram Yoga- I try to go to a 2hr class every other day. Today I started the day at 7:30 with a walk to the yoga studio accompanied by a 2hr class. Ix27m really noticing better strengh in my lower back which has been troubling me for quite awhile due to the amount of heavy carrying/lifting I do work wise...
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torsdag 16 jan 2014 kl 04:40 | lifestyle | lifestyle training food yoga

year in review

2013, really went past in a flash. I rang in the new year in Thailand, spent januari travelling in Myanmar, Hong Kong and Istanbul. Got back to Stockholm, started working on a new TV production that took up most of my February and March along with styling at Nathalie Schuterman- went to a chilly Berlin in March together with Olympus- where I met this gorgeous doll and got a little crash course on their new camera and photo workshop. In April I...
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tisdag 31 dec 2013 kl 19:02 | lifestyle | lifestyle about me style year in review 2013


My weekend plans? Thanks for asking- kicking them off with this view, a couple of laps in this pool before catching a flight up to the big mango for my best friends wedding sunday morning.
fredag 27 dec 2013 kl 07:45 | lifestyle | lifestyle weekend thailand bangkok

bon appetit!

Last night my girlfriend and I couldnx27t really decided what to eat so we decided to cook eveything we like, you know- when in doubt. Ended up making 3 starters and a main course. We had dates wrapped in bacon (the perfect mix of sweet and salty), then we cooked artichoke hearts with a herb & lime butter, and for our final starter I made the Thai Moules from the other night again- since it was such perfection last time. And then we felt like...
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lördag 7 dec 2013 kl 19:53 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen

thai moules

I hardly post recipes here, but I love to cook and have people over for dinner. Last night I made these Thai style baked mussels (those of you following me on instagram will have seen a sneak! @isabellehawi) and they were so so good I thought I had to share the recipe! Youx27ll need: 1kg Blue Mussels Ginger 4-6 Thai Chilis 5 Garlic cloves Coriander Thai Basil 1 Lime Sesame oil Fish Sauce Butter Water Rice Wine Clean the mussles, discarding an...
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torsdag 5 dec 2013 kl 10:17 | lifestyle | lifestyle food recipe cooking in my kitchen

day three

Flu season has arrived. Yesterday I couldnx27t get up from bed due to the muscle and body aches. Today is a little better. My savior is copious amounts of Tea from Mighty Leaf (my fav!), my best magazines- the home classified section & TIME (the only subscription I carry), and nonsense TV such as
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 08:01 | lifestyle | lifestyle about me mighty leaf tea time

on the gram

Whilst in Prague (and other hours of the day when Ix27m on the move) keep up with me on Instagram. From styling gigs, to fittings with celebs, studio hours, showroom visits, and dinner dates at home and quiet monday evenings- itx27s all in the contrasts. @isabellehawi
onsdag 6 nov 2013 kl 08:55 | inspiration | instagram lifetsyle stylist work


On my weekend wishlist are these three things, A comfy wool & cashmere blend robe from Madeleine Thompson, Carine Gilson silk slip and this Mask, Moisturizer and Primer in one. Ix27m planning to spend as much time as possible at home this weekend- my first weekend off in 9 weeks!
fredag 1 nov 2013 kl 08:30 | two thumbs up! | wishlist inspiration weekend lifestyle


Donx27t be fooled by the headline- Ix27m not getting married, but I just came home from a fantastic wedding party. The bride being from Eritrea, it was dancing and music non stop. I wore a new x27marblex27 dress from H&M Trend, which I will have to show better pics of. Here with my very stylish
söndag 27 okt 2013 kl 00:45 | out on the town/parties | lifestyle about me instagram stockholm

the other day

Wearing Zara skirt, Caroline Blomst cashmere knit. Céline trapeze, Urban Outfitters heels. My life is upside down right now! I canx27t stand being in my apartement- there is construction dust everywhere- no matter how much i vaccum, or mop the floors- the workers get here at 7:30am and stay till 18. I have three tv productions right now, a charity gala, five upcoming photoshoots within the next few weeks- 2 shoots next week, and inbetween th...
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tisdag 17 sep 2013 kl 19:57 | outfits/looks | outfit look of the day lifestyle inspiration


1. Last nights cold cut dinner - nom nom nom // 2. New week new nails! This time shorter and pastell pink! // 3. Thank you for this season Björn- Ix27ve had a blast- Stay tuned for the final results on a TV near you soon! // 4. Striped pants & lace up heels- work uniform. // 5. A half hour break with the film team in the park- sun sun sun! // 6. Downside of freelancing? - All this damned paperwork, especially on a saturday night! // 7. Casual Sa...
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fredag 12 jul 2013 kl 08:15 | lifestyle | instagram lifetsyle stylist work


Not always easy when the camera doesnt work, and now my charger for my computer has given up aswell. Workin on it. Take care. Xx
lördag 15 jun 2013 kl 15:32 | Other | Hard life


Herex27s some monday inspiration. Ix27m exhausted this morning after a 14 hour fun photoshoot yesterday with this talented beauty. This week is again crazy hectic- so first thing on my schedule this evening is a workout and a run to try to get my brain and body in shape for the million things I have going on. Considering doing a detox this week with just raw food, do you have any good recepies or blogs regarding the subject? ...
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måndag 13 maj 2013 kl 08:06 | inspiration | work lifestyle styling

cherry blossom

Blouse from Miu Miu, Céline clutch, Balenciaga jeans, Lanvin ballet flats, Alexander McQueen scarf, Balenciaga wallet, Miu Miu earrings and cherry blossoms from the Kings Garden (picked from already broken branches.) I love that summer is here, I have my terrace door open and warm winds are passing through the apartment. Im starting this saturday with banana pancake breakfast and the classified section (like every weekend, still apartement se...
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lördag 11 maj 2013 kl 09:55 | designer favorites | lifestyle inspiration

around the corner

Ix27ve had the perfect weekend thus far. Today I took the first trip out in our boat to our country home in the Archipelago, always something magical about that, seeing the house after the harsh winter, embracing spring. Fixed with the garden, the ponds & waterfall and burned a bonfire with all the old autumn leaves and branches that the winter winds and storms have broken. Summer please come quick now- this spring has really been delayed. N...
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lördag 4 maj 2013 kl 20:42 | allure/beauty | lifestyle summer home interior gåsö

comerc 24

We had an incredible dinner the last night in Barcelona at Michelin starred restaurant Comerc24. I donx27t usually write about food but to be honest its one of the top things Ix27m passionate about next to travelling and art/style. I think I may have to claim it to be one of the top three restaura
tisdag 30 apr 2013 kl 19:08 | lifestyle | recipe lifestyle barcelona travels food


The best part of the weekend is the moment right above. Breakfast with all the essentials, omelette, fresh fruit, coffee and freshly squeezed OJ and ofcourse my absolute favorite favorite favorite thing- the classified section! This weekend we (me and the hubby) have looked at some of the most amazing villax27s, restorations objects and even some castles. Yes a girl can dream right? But I feel the interior obsession within me is blooming. Spr...
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söndag 21 apr 2013 kl 19:01 | allure/beauty | weekend lifestyle home interior
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