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I was about to study all saturday but then Al called me and it was sooo sunnyy I couldnx27t stay inside heeeheee. New beanie from H&M! BLK DNM jacket, Acne t-shirt, Prada sunglasses.
söndag 13 okt 2013 kl 19:57 | Other | beanie me alz prada blk dnm acne

11 oktober

Sprang runt på stan igår med vänner för att komma iväg från plugg, som jag ägnat hela veckan åt tänkte jag säga haha var ju sthlm måndag-tisdag, men jag har matteprov i matte 4 om två veckor och det är en deeeel att plugga kan man säga. Var på Älska mig med Alex Schulman på Draken igår också, det va
lördag 12 okt 2013 kl 10:32 | Me | me blk dnm prada zara leather esprit


Glass & Gold Pineapple lamp from Zara Home. Very art deco chic.
fredag 11 okt 2013 kl 07:29 | two thumbs up! | interior home zara lamp


I måndagskväll tog jag tåget upp till Stockholm för att delta i en blogg-workshop för Esprit på tisdagen i Rosendals trädgård på Djurgården. Resultatet kommer om två veckor så jag väntar tills dess med att berätta med. Det var sjukt roligt och vi som deltog var Sandra (som jag snodde andra bilden av), Emelie, Emma, Carolina, Angelica och jag! Went up to Stockholm to be a part of a workshop for Esprit AW13! The result will be out in two weeks so ...
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onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 23:04 | Other | me bloggerz workshop stockholm


Still as crazy about my vase from Zara Home as I was three weeks ago when I bought it at the store opening! And to think the me and my two partners in crime got the only three in store. Do however, think I need to get some nicer flowers in it than white old roses.
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 21:09 | inspiration | home interior zara home


Sovmorgon / Starting work late. // Fina Göteborg / Lovely Gothenburg. // Höstlöv / Autumn leaves. // God frukost / yummy breakfast. // Nya skor! / New shoes! // Fika med fina Frida / Coffee time with my lovely friend Frida. // Påväg till Skåne / On our way to Skåne (south of Sweden). // Silvertröja,
onsdag 9 okt 2013 kl 06:20 | Right now | instagram instaweek followme

leo & leather

Received this coat and these leather boots from the other day. Unfortunately I had to return the coat cause it looks like Ix27m seven years old in it.. Love the leather boots though! Theyx27re just perfect.
söndag 6 okt 2013 kl 21:31 | New in | me leo leather boots coat new in

October fifth

Been studying all day and then I went to Butcherx27s Market to eat the amazing burgers again. In my new shoes from Zara, jeans from BLK DNM, BLK DNM leather jacket, Balenciaga bag.
lördag 5 okt 2013 kl 20:33 | Me | All black everything outfit me

IT's october third

A better picture from yesterday!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 20:05 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

fluffy white

Should wear this jacket more often because it is really nice, but it is just so white and fluffy... From Zara!
fredag 4 okt 2013 kl 17:09 | Me | me white fur fur fluffy outfit

October 2

In my new earrings from Glitter and new shoes from Skopunkten! Also H&M coat and shirt and BLK DNM jeans.
onsdag 2 okt 2013 kl 18:11 | Me | me outfit new in black blk dnm skopunkten


Having just redone my kitchen, and spending less than about 9 (8 - if lucky- of them spent sleeping- but more like 6) hours a day at home at the moment due to a hectic, crazy busy work/project schedule, you can imagine how much I long for one day off (preferably a week- but considering Ix27m working 7 days a week at the moment until Novemeber- one day will do). Ix27m dreaming of redecorating. creating, painting, doing laundry, creating little s...
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tisdag 1 okt 2013 kl 23:00 | inspiration | home interior inspiration


I would die to be the owner of a pair of Ann Demeulemeester boots!!!! These are perfect and I really need a pair.
måndag 30 sep 2013 kl 17:03 | I want | Ann Demeulemeester boots shoes i want leather

new tip rings

New fingertip rings! From H&M!
söndag 29 sep 2013 kl 16:03 | New in | me rings new in H&M


Yesterday I wore Batman shirt from Topman, H&M dress, Nike sneakers and BLK DNM leather jacket! We went to this new place called Butcherx27s Market in Gbg. The best burger I have ever eaten, gå dit om du bor i Göteborg! Storgatan 47!
söndag 29 sep 2013 kl 14:24 | Me | me burger batman blk dnm leather jacket sneakers nike

Friday 27

I love leatherrr. Looked like this today when I went on H&M breakfast and then to school. Ix27m realizing I look like a bitch in the second photo but I am really not...... Btw, isnx27t the jacket sooooooooooooo beautiful?!?! BLK DNM leather jacker, H&M dress, H&M Man shirt, Dr Martens shoes, Balenc
fredag 27 sep 2013 kl 15:53 | Me | me blk dnm H&M balenciaga dr martens


Wearing a Topshop top I bought in London last time. Do not ask me why I bought it in grey, I wonx27t ever use it.
torsdag 26 sep 2013 kl 17:41 | Me | me topshop new in outfit

sushi yama

Annie and I went to Sushi Yama in Gotherburg yesterday, it was awesome.
onsdag 25 sep 2013 kl 17:30 | Other | me annie sushi food

New in hihi

I did buy something today, something really big I have been wanting for a while. FINALLY!!!!!! Ix27ll post what it is my instagram asap! I wore x22thickx22 H&M shirt, Ginatricot pants and Vans.
tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 22:05 | New in | me new in hihi outfit

tisdag 24 sep 2013 kl 13:44 | Me | Me Zara balenciaga hm vans


I drew this one yesterday. My face is a real photo I photo shoped in though. Let me know if you find this interesting and would like me to post pictures of more drawings here. Otherwise youx27ll probably see some on my instagram!
söndag 22 sep 2013 kl 14:33 | Me | me drawing black white art

september 20

Went for shopping yesterday. Nothing was nice though, unfortunately. But I did find a pair of trousers Ix27ll show you later! Having huge problems with trousers because they are always too short for my legs :( In Zara sweater, H&M dress, Vans, Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag!
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 12:39 | Me | me outfit zara vans balenciaga black white

September 19

BLK DNM jeans, Beyond Retro shirt, H&M bomber, Prada sunglasses and Vans.
lördag 21 sep 2013 kl 00:38 | Me | Me blk dnm cat outfit

september 18

In my awesome Caroline Blomst leather jacket and Topshop turtleneck today!

september 16

Earlier today when I was going to celebrate Annie whox27s turned 27!!!! Topshop sweater/H&M trousers/Nike shoes
måndag 16 sep 2013 kl 22:44 | Me | me black nike topshop H&M

Ghetto braids

Went out with my friends yesterday and wore four braids I made. Felt pretty gangster. That was my last night out for a long time. Now I really have to take it easy and put my time on studying. So boring Ix27m gonna die, but in the end itx27ll be worth it.
onsdag 11 sep 2013 kl 14:32 | Me | Me braids outfit


1. Nyklippt / New haircut. 2. Paljettkavajen på under middag med fina vänner. / Sequin jacket and dinner w friends. 3. Rödbetor och chevre. MUMS / YUMMIE! 4. Bekvämt / Comfy. 5. Snart.. / Soon.. 6. Grattis till fina Nathali. / Happy b-day to my friend Nathali. 7. Onsdag och fina rosor från fin vän. / Wednesday and lovely roses from a lovely friend. 8. Bootcut jeans thursday. 9. Blommig klänning på en fredag / flower printed dress on a friday! F...
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onsdag 11 sep 2013 kl 06:02 | Our days | instaweek instagram followme


Tjena kompisar! Förstod att ni var ganska nyfikna på hur vi har fått det här hemma, så tänkte att jag kanske delar med mig av en och annan bild framöver... Här har ni en del av vårt kök - och så mig på köksbordet. :-) _____ Hey there. Understood that u want to see some pics of our apartment.. So
tisdag 10 sep 2013 kl 19:00 | Apartment | apartment kitchen outfit

Hello from school

This was taken outside my school some minuates ago. Being very comfortable in Topshop sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, Vans and braids.... Prada sunglasses and Balenciaga bag as well.
måndag 9 sep 2013 kl 14:00 | Me | Me school Balenciaga Topshop vans
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