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One more throwback! From July in London!!!! Ran around in London, 190 cm tall in 32 degrees. It was soo haaaawt.
tisdag 10 dec 2013 kl 10:01 | Me | me london summer throw back black balenciaga


Throw back from Way Out West this summer with Alz to the left. Here I was seventeen and living ze dream.
måndag 9 dec 2013 kl 21:10 | I want | me alz way out west summer dream

Oxford circus

Last week in London. BLK DNM jacket & Balenciaga bag.
söndag 8 dec 2013 kl 16:35 | Me | me balenciaga oxfor circus london blk dnm

Thursday in London

Well, thursday in London. Had to go to Shake Shack directly since Ix27ve been longing like forever to once try their burgers and fries!! I chose the dubble cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and bacon, cheese fries and a peanut butter shake It was one of the most amazing things Ix27ve ever eaten.

hyde park

Pictures from Hyde Park! My brother lives next to Hyde Park so we almost had an hour walk in the park every day! Velllllyyy niiiice. Pretty cold in London but still hotter than Sweden ;P
onsdag 4 dec 2013 kl 11:51 | Other | me hyde park london travel brother

Back from London

Ix27m back from London! Had the best week with my brothers! Updating asap.
tisdag 3 dec 2013 kl 18:24 | Other | Me London vacation

Herro from London

Helllooo!!!! Been in London since wednesday evening! It is amazing. My brother lives here so my other brother and I came for a visit. So wex27ve been doing nothing but eating, drinking and walking all days. Pretttty nice to get away from school. Herex27s a picture from Brick Lane in Shoreditch t
lördag 30 nov 2013 kl 01:45 | Other | Me London graffiti travel

They see me rollin they hatin

Found a picture from 1999. Ix27m the one in pink and denim. Love my outfit.
måndag 25 nov 2013 kl 21:35 | Me | Me swag 1999

Squawk ident

lördag 23 nov 2013 kl 16:05 | Other | Me


Yesterday in striped jacket from Esprit.
lördag 23 nov 2013 kl 10:55 | Me | me stripes esprit friday outfit curls

nectar lace

A new favorite in my make up bag is this 3-1 pallette of contour/bronzer, blush and highlighter from Lancôme in the shade x27Nectar Lacex27. The perfect color for my grey and winter dull face- and I like that it has all three features in the same palette- a light brown contour, a perfect coral pink blush (ix27d say the color on the photo is quite off- it is not as red as it looks) and a light gold highlighter that doesnx27t have a bunch of glitt...
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fredag 22 nov 2013 kl 09:07 | allure/beauty | beauty blush lancome favorite


Being bored + editing in Photoshop equals this...! IN CAROLINE BLOMST LEATHER JACKET YEAH WI WA


onsdag 20 nov 2013 kl 22:23 | Me | me black vans

Iphone 5s

My new phone. I have never experienced no such thing as the fingerprint-sensor-button!!!!!! Stimulates my revolutionary mind every other minuate.
onsdag 20 nov 2013 kl 19:59 | New in | iphone phone new in call me

november 18th

I love this short sleeved shirt from H&M Man in leo denim 8-)
måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 18:13 | Me | me leo denim black dr martens outfit

wood hand

Another purchase that I brought back from Prague- this wooden hand thatx27s in a miniature/child size. Very cheap- think I paid about 50 SEK for this.
söndag 17 nov 2013 kl 09:47 | lifestyle | home decor interior prague travel


New black Gina shirt!
lördag 16 nov 2013 kl 10:12 | Me | Me all black everything balenciaga

Från Haga

Right now in BLK DNM and H&M.
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 15:47 | Me | Me Haga blk dnm h&m

FRAME 11:26

Hej finisar! När vi var i New York förra vintern hittade vi en superfin poster hos en gatukonstnär i Soho. Hon målade new york-motiv på gamla subwaykartor och vi fastnade för denna som fick följa med oss hem. Den har legat i vårt förråd sedan vi kom hem för jag har inte hittat någon ram i lämplig storlek - tills nu. Klickade runt och hittade till ramotavla som har massor av ramar och där du även kan välja mått helt själv. Ramen kom hem rekordsn...
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onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 11:12 | Apartment | frame tavelram ramotavla poster home


Best buy from Prague- these emerald & gold drinking glasses I found at the most suspect Flea Market (Kolbenova) Ix27ve been to in my life. Ix27m pretty certain 80% of everything there was stolen, and they sold AK 47 guns very openly. An experience for sure.
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 08:31 | vintage finds | new in interior home decor design

day three

Flu season has arrived. Yesterday I couldnx27t get up from bed due to the muscle and body aches. Today is a little better. My savior is copious amounts of Tea from Mighty Leaf (my fav!), my best magazines- the home classified section & TIME (the only subscription I carry), and nonsense TV such as
onsdag 13 nov 2013 kl 08:01 | lifestyle | lifestyle about me mighty leaf tea time

shirt on shirt

Felt like wearing a shirt and a shirt yesterday. White Acne shirt, denim BikBok shirt, Zara jacket, Gina tricot trousers, Zara leather track boots and Balenciaga.
tisdag 5 nov 2013 kl 22:56 | Me | me shirt jacket balenciaga boots

white woods

Ix27ve been a devotee of Cleanx27s Shower Fresh and Rain for years, (the cotton & laundry scents were never really my cup of tea), but now my latest addition is their latest scent White Woods. With hints of bergamont, orchid, sandalwood and musk- its rich and luxurious. A perfect fall/winter fragr
måndag 4 nov 2013 kl 21:14 | allure/beauty | beauty fragrance perfume clean

Bik bok yay

I min nya trevliga topp från Bik Bok som jag använder mest hela tiden typ. New in from Bik Bok
lördag 2 nov 2013 kl 14:26 | New in | Me top new in Bik bok


Here comes a little summary from the Esprit workshop and vernissage at Lilla Baren, Riche, i participated in the last month! Really had a blast doing this, working with the greatest people and met the nicest people! So the summary goes like this: MUY BIEN, ME GUSTA MUCHO, LOCO FIESTA, CERVEZA. First photo & black and white photo: Fredrik Skogkvist...
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lördag 2 nov 2013 kl 09:12 | Other | esprit workshop yay fest vernissage me outfit riche

more sthlm

More STHLM cause it would be boring posting something else. Photo cred: Lova Nyblom
måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 23:52 | Me | me stockholm lova nyblom blk dnm

wednesday in sthlm

Haha it looks like my balenciaga is minimini in the second picture! This is when Jennifer and I met up with Julia on her lunch for a coffee. Really miss being in Stockholm with them! They are theeeee kindest ever! Wearing H&M trousers, Nike Air sneakers, H&M turtleneck and vest, BLK DNM jacket and
måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 17:15 | Other | me blk dnm H&M stockholm norrmalmstorg nike air balenciaga


Some pictures Lova took of me when we were in Lx27Estocholmo!
måndag 28 okt 2013 kl 14:17 | Me | photography lova nyblom stockholm me jojo bitch riche blk dnm


Donx27t be fooled by the headline- Ix27m not getting married, but I just came home from a fantastic wedding party. The bride being from Eritrea, it was dancing and music non stop. I wore a new x27marblex27 dress from H&M Trend, which I will have to show better pics of. Here with my very stylish
söndag 27 okt 2013 kl 00:45 | out on the town/parties | lifestyle about me instagram stockholm

when a woman loves menswear

Marie Claire September 1994, models: Bridget Hall and Mark Vanderloo. Ix27d really like a closet full of menswear. Gotta go find myself more menswear. Yes menswear bitches!
måndag 21 okt 2013 kl 22:55 | Inspiration | menswear editorial bridget hall marie claire
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