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Creating still life

Working in the studio with still life at Gina Tricot. Been a crazy busy week at work and at home so this weekend has been awaited. Hope youx27ll have a nice friday & lets pray for sunshine!
fredag 5 jun 2015 kl 10:00 | Me | me studio work gina tricot johanna falkenby

En route

The first morning in Spain last week we woke up to this sunrise and got some amazing editorial shots. Swimwear + sunrise = Perfect match! Woke up to sunshine here in Stockholm today too, which has been a rarity- time to back my suitcase and head to the Airport in a couple of hours Ix27m off to Dubai
söndag 14 dec 2014 kl 09:06 | around the world/travels | Sunrise travel Dubai work


I have to give a double thumbs up for my New camera from Olympus. The Perfect size (fits very snuggly in my trio bag) great quality, easy to use, and it has wifi so i can easily transfer My pics straight to my iPhone. And to top all those qualities off- it looks great! White and sleek! Canx27t wait
onsdag 10 dec 2014 kl 20:16 | two thumbs up! | Camera Olympus photography work


Day 4 in spain! Today we shoot two editorials with gorgeous Alba Martinez from View Management in Barcelona. Started with a fitness editorial that i canx27t wait to show when its out! Amazong colorful training pieces hitting the stores this spring- and our location El Mirador in benidorm was magical


Hola! From spain! Im here shooting editorials for the next 5 days. Today we kicked off at 5 am and did two 6 page storyx27s! Tomorrow wex27re heading up north to benidorm for another two editorials. Happy Friday!
fredag 5 dec 2014 kl 20:54 | styling jobs/photoshoots | Work styling spain editorial travel


This week and next Ix27m in the TV studio filming the music show Så Ska Det Låta. This is My 5th year styling this show- so itx27s like a little love child to me. Intense and long days but spent with some of my favorites. This season (which is the 20th) will air come january.
onsdag 22 okt 2014 kl 09:57 | styling jobs/photoshoots | Styling Work SVT så ska det låta

Lights, camera, action!

Today I stepped a little outside my comfort zone and in front of the camera. Reversed roles! Amazing make up artist Linda made me up pretty! The result of todayx27s shoot I may share with you guys a little in a couple of months! Now Saturday pizza, perhaps a glass of wine, and then early bed time! T

Press week

This week is press week in Stockholm which means that all the pr agencyx27s show the spring/summer collections for the brands they represent/market/manage pr for. Usually this time of year Ix27m right up in tv productions and donx27t have the time to visit, take a closer look and admire the pieces we see on the runways August. But this season the TV production I work on this time of year starts a week later so Ix27ve had the perfect day, taking ...
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tisdag 14 okt 2014 kl 19:50 | inspiration | Work inspiration ss15 press week


This weeks clothing rack! Itx27s been all about sequines for this editorial. My favorite piece is the striped sequined set. Youx27ll see more of this glitter in october.
tisdag 9 sep 2014 kl 21:28 | editorials/covers | Work styling editorial chic

Busy busy bee!

I know itx27s been awefully quiet here, but I have never been more swamped with work as this summer. On Tuesday we finished this season of Allsång på skansen and on Wednesday I started working on the above, Ninja Warrior! A crazy game show- the competitors are amazingly fit!
fredag 15 aug 2014 kl 10:11 | styling jobs/photoshoots | Work styling tv production kanal 5

allsång på skansen

Tuesdayx27s Petra dressed in a raspberry pink dress from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, heels from Diane von Furstenberg and jewelry from Isabell Lense. What a fantastic night we had- Stockholm showed itself from its best side!

money on my mind

Tonights tune- still trying to assemble that Ikea furniture.
fredag 27 jun 2014 kl 00:49 | two thumbs up! | music tunes work sam smith

allsång på skansen

Tuesday we had the premier of a show Ix27ve been working with since March (!). We were so lucky with the weather, since itx27s outdoors and Petra did an amazing job! What a star! I styled her in dress from Zetterberg Couture, heels from Aquazarra, earrings from Björg, ring from Viveka Bergström and bracelet from Kurshumi. Canx27t wait for next week. Yesterday I spent my first day off (since prior to my trip to Hong Kong) at home assembling ...
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I landed back in Stockholm sunday night after two amazing weeks in HK & Taiwan. Up bright and early monday morning to film some shots for Allsången which Ix27ll be working with the whole summer. We filmed around Djurgården, and summer isnx27t officially here temperature wise so the pink robe came


Yesterday I was out all day shooting press photos for Allsång på Skansen. Skansen is a zoo located in right smack centre of Stockholm with a view to die for and every summer it is the location for a music festival/sing along show that is broadcasted on TV once a week and has a sort of cult status here in Sweden. Itx27s a show most people grew up with and associate with swedish summer. And yesterday I realized I pretty much landed the best summ...
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Cover Shoot

Yesterday I styled this babe, Angelica Blick for the next issue of Shape Up Magazine. Shex27s managed to attain that incredible body and belly (!) in 20 days of working out- that gives hopes to the rest of us ;-) The issue will be out April 15th- so stay tuned for the final results. Photos: Ange


This week has been really good, besides that I feel healthy (hello 4 times at the gym and lots of protien!), I landed a HUGE styling job this week which has always been sort of a dream to work on. The summers workwise for a freelance TV stylist are usually quite uncertain and quiet since most productions that film and produce during the season are few and not many require styling assistance, so now knowing that my summer calender is taken care of...
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lördag 15 mar 2014 kl 00:39 | inspiration | inspiration work styling

Shape Up!

I donx27t know if Ix27ve mentioned this here before but I figure as fashion & beauty editor for the magazine Shape Up and each issue I have a page where you can ask me annything regarding those two topics, from which shoes to buy for spring to the difference between sythetic and natural hair make up brushes. Anyways the latest issue is in store right now. And speaking of Shaping Up, I got a new gym card earlier this week and have worked out ...
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fredag 14 mar 2014 kl 05:53 | styling jobs/photoshoots | shape up work stylist editor

biggest loser

Yesterday I styled the final of Biggest Loser which will air sometime in June. What ambitious and incredible people! Itx27s such a fun project to work on and the rewards of seeing these participants so grateful and happy, finally being able to fit into that dream dress or a suit that isnx27t size 6XL. These are some of the perks of my job that I appreciate the most- itx27s so fantastic to be able to be a part of that happiness. Now Ix27m hea...
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måndag 24 feb 2014 kl 10:57 | styling jobs/photoshoots | work styling tv project biggest loser


Ix27ve moved back into my usual second home- Studio #7- where loads of TV productions are filmed and where I usually spend august-october working with Clash of the Choirs. This time however Ix27ve only moved in for a day- the finale of Biggest Loser, so impressed by the journey they do, turning their lifestyle upside down for a healthier, active and fitter way of life- what motivation huh? And so much fun to get to dress and style the x27newx27...
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The past weeks since I got back to Stockholm have been extremely hectic- I have lots of projects going on right now and the hours arenx27t enough in a day- but I am thankful of course, that I have plenty to do and that I get to work with what I love. But most thankful right now for the fact that i
söndag 16 feb 2014 kl 12:12 | lifestyle | travels bangkok work styling


The chaos that is my studio right now- too many projects- too little time. I could use two more of myself or atleast. Fashion week has flown by in a rush and I havenx27t had the time to stop by a single show. Good thing others are so good with updating online frequently. Time to start putting tog
onsdag 29 jan 2014 kl 14:50 | styling jobs/photoshoots | work styling tv producton


Ix27m back in (a freezing!) Stockholm. The jetlag has really got me bad this time- and from the minute I landed itx27s been time to get straight back into work mode with two new TV Productions, but Ix27m not complaining. I will however complain over the fact that my computer just semi-crashed, and the text Ix27ve spent the majority of this day writing for the new magazine Shape Up disappeared right into thin air without saving. The headache! ...
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söndag 26 jan 2014 kl 16:38 | in my closet | lifestyle work styling new in

NEW IN 14:22

Oj vad jag har handlat mycket träningskläder den senaste tiden. En del i London som jag skall visa er snart, men även dessa tre plagg som jag köpt här hemma i Göteborg. Tshirt från H&M sport (rea 50kr) / sportbh från H&Ms nya OS-kollektion x22GO GOLDx22 / jacka helt i reflex från H&M sport. 200kr på rea. (lite billigare än Nikes variant som kostar 4000 spänn!) _____ Ix27ve been buying a lot of workout clothes the last time.. Some in London...
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söndag 19 jan 2014 kl 14:22 | New in | new in sports workout


Fredagen började med träning i Hyde park. Efter det gick vi till hypade x22Breakfast clubx22 i Soho, som faktiskt inte var något speciellt alls.. Det var helt sjukt kallt därinne och maten var god men varken mer eller mindre än så. Efter ett par timmar på stan var vi på hotellet ganska tidigt och bytte om. Därefter blev det middag på Aubaine och sist men verkligen inte minst: 3 timmar lång Billy Elliott musikal som var väldigt, väldigt bra. ...
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lördag 18 jan 2014 kl 13:56 | Travel | travel london musical workout hyde park

office view

Having to work on vacation isnx27t quite so bad when itx27s to this view. This is where I spent my day yesterday, poolside with my computer, planning a new TV production, magazine work and going through the mailbox. Besides a break for a two hour Bikram class which Ix27ve started going to everyday. My back has gotten so much stronger! Today however Ix27m putting work aside to spend time with my hubby- today itx27s eight years since we hooked...
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tisdag 14 jan 2014 kl 02:52 | two thumbs up! | work freelance travel asia


Som några av er nog vet så tränade jag ju en del hot yoga (moksha) när jag bodde i Lund. Jag tyckte SÅ mycket om det och det är verkligen en träningsform som jag saknat sedan vi flyttade till Göteborg. Så gissa om jag blev glad när Bikram Yoga Göteborg slog upp dörrarna i början på december? Kortet är köpt och jag längtar redan till nästa gång jag får besöka den fina studion och det där 40 grader varma rummet. Har ni provat bikram yoga? _____ ...
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onsdag 11 dec 2013 kl 17:54 | Health | bikram yoga hot yoga workout exersice

business cards

I got new business cards made recently- had to update some info and was tired of the size of my previous ones. These ones are extra thick- like cardboard and I have different editorials Ix27ve styled on the front cover and short contact info on the back. I get mine made at Moo, very easy to create your own personalized cards and they ship them out fast. A minus to DHL however that couldnx27t deliver on time. P.S. Ix27ve changed e-mail adre...
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fredag 29 nov 2013 kl 14:07 | styling jobs/photoshoots | stylist work style inspiration

black & white

Black heels by Scarosso, white pumps from Céline. This flu is not getting much better- today Ix27ve been sneezing non stop and my throat is thick as a tennis ball. Ix27ve tried to get as much work as possible done from home, but had to run over to a photo studio to shoot byline pictures for a new magazine Ix27m working on- brought the shoes above along. Hoping photoshop can get rid of the dark rings under my eyes and my red nose. ...
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måndag 18 nov 2013 kl 15:42 | in my closet | work styling shoes magazine

casual chic

I absolutely love this look that I styled on stunning Becca a couple of weeks ago for an editorial. This Céline skirt is even more amazing than it appears, the structure and felt fabric is perfection. I saw that Zara had made a similiar one- unfortunately it didnx27t have the same structure at all
torsdag 14 nov 2013 kl 07:17 | styling jobs/photoshoots | work editorial styling inspiration
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