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Carolines World | Style with Isabelle   27 maj 2011 14:19   by Style with Isabelle
Here's part three of 'closet essentials- how to style your wardrobe'. A sort of DIY, how to style your own wardrobe and what I think are the essentials for the ultimate closet. This time let's have a look into Tee's & Tanks.

A basic black tee, i prefer ones with a pocket on the breast. As for all your 'basics', these are the items that make up your base in your closet, so go for quality! Wang's tee's are worth the dime, but otherwise H&M's eco line have good bargains. Check out the material, choose a cotton blend and as for most things, avoid polyester. The one above is of course from Alexander Wang.
A striped tee or 3/4 sleeve is always a safe bet, I have about 4-5 in my wardrobe, and I've miscolored just as many in the laundry! (damn those white stripes!) With jeans, shorts, skirts, for evenings out with leather pants or marine weekend getaways. DAY Birget et Mikkelsen.
A silk tank or singlet is a good alternative to any tee, when you wanna feel a bit more dressed and Parisian chic. And how soft and luxurious doesn't silk feel? The one above is from Joseph, but they're plenty of cheaper alternatives available for example at Zara.
A camisole! For that fantastic 90's minimalistic look. The camisole highlights your shoulders. I think it's a lot more flattering focus attention to your shoulders and neck than, say your clevage ;-) From T-bags.
A touch of color! Any tank or tee in a bright shade, doesn't necessarily have to be neon, but you all know how i feel for flourescent yellow these days. Splendid.
A washed out slightly see through basic oversized tank, in grey or black. Pair with levis cut offs & converse for the ultimate daytime look or with sequined or leather trousers & heels for stylish evening. This one is bargain from Modekungen.
An old college tee or band tee, perferably worn and washed out, have a look out secondhand. Topshop.
And of course the perfect white tee. I still haven't found the ultimate for my closet, but i've collected a few through the years. This one could be a contender however, washed silk tee from Kain.
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