Alessandro Dal Buoni

Carolines World | Sofia   2 dec 2012 00:15   by Sofia Lindberg
For Amica Italy April 2008.

Here's a little interview from 2DM of my favourite photographer, Alessandro Dal Buoni. A genius.

How did you start your career?
Wrote a letter to Paolo Roversi, went to meet him in Paris and assisted him on an i-D shoot. It was magic. That was my awakening.
How would you describe your style?
Poetic, pure, subtle.
What do you think is your best work so far?
The work for Y’s Yohji Yamamoto.
Is there anything about your work that you want to improve on?
It should always improve.
What sets you apart from other people in your profession?
My passion for research, love for Pina Bausch, and keeping a healthy distance.
How would you describe your view of the world?
Where do you find inspiration?
Modern dance, cinema, personal collections (like youth organizations memorabilia from WW2 to Cold War), art, and also fashion photography from 80-90’s.
What are you loving at the moment?
Anything with demons, archangels, monks. And drinking coffee.
Film you think everyone should see:
The Return by Andrey Zvyagintsev.
Best advice you have ever been given?
Be gracious.
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